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Tourist invitation for a Russian visa

A tourist invitation is the easiest way to get a Russian visa for a foreigner.

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Business visa invitations to Russia for foreigners

Russian Work Visa Invitation

Employment of foreign citizens in Russia

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Tourist invitation for a Russian visa

1 Days
All Countries

If you submit such an invitation to the Consulate for obtaining a visa to Russia, you will not have any problems. A voucher to Russia for foreigners is issued for period up to 30 days with single entry and possibility of visiting any cities in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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Business invitations to Russia for foreigners

2 To 21 Days
All Countries

Foreigners who are scheduled to travel to the Russian Federation for business purposes and need a visa valid for a longer time and with the possibility of multiple visits have to receive a business invitation. When applying to a consular office of the Russian Federation abroad in order to obtain a business visa to Russia, it is required to provide an invitation.

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Employment of foreign citizens in Russia

30 TO 90 Days
All Countries

Every year more and more foreign citizens are seeking to visit our country for not only tourism or business, but also to find a job, seeking to invest their knowledge and capital in the Russian economy. To be employed officially, foreign citizens must have a work permit and a work visa.

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Student visa For foreign citizens in Russia

All Countries

Find out the Russian student visa requirements for foreign students wishing to study in Russia, plus information on student visa costs, processing times, and application forms.

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  • Expert Russian / CIS Visa processing
  • Single, Double and Multiple-Entry Business Visas to Russia
  • Same-Day Tourist Russian Visa Invitations
  • Registration upon arrival in Moscow
  • Worldwide Consular Services
  • Visas to CIS countries via direct arrangements with local authorities
  • Professional advice and support, travel arrangements
  • Required consultations
  • Assistance with filling out the consulate application forms


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